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Pepper's first vet visit!!


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I took Pepper to the vet today and they said she was in excellent health. Multiple times she told me how good she looked & how well taken care of she was. I also got compliments on how well she looked at the pet store where we bought her.



But i learned sad news that at her sister died at 10 months old :( her lung collapsed!! I didnt know up until today.

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Well thats wonderful that Pepper is ingood health that what all us Grey owners strive for. I'm sorry to hear about her sister that would be an aweful way td die sufficating and not being able to breath poor baby and so Young. its niceto get compliment on how beautiful and healthy your bird looks make you feel good doesn't it.

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Yeah its really nice to hear that about her.


She is such a happy bird, and its great to know she's in excellent health.


A funny new thing about Pepper is that she "rawrs" like a lion seriously whenever she's mad now, or myself or boyfriend leave the room hahaha:laugh:

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