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True Companion


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This is to Carol and Baby, and to all who has lost a True Companion.....


We said a pray for you and your true companion, So many years together and now you'll travel different roads, apart but so much closer.You were always there for her as she was for you. Your talks were never long but you each new each others needs and desires. You gave and she gave back, and she knows you have so much to give to your other true companions.Shes ok now, and your friends need you, and you need them. In your heart she'll always be and you in hers your true companion

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Thats a wonderful and sweet tribute to Baby and I bet she was a great companion but she went thru a lot in her life, much more than any bird should have had to endure but she is pain free now as she soars over the Rainbow Bridge in all her glory and Carol will have her memories to cherish for the rest of her life.

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We would like to thank everyone, including those who sent a condolence to Carol. You are all appreciated and Carol said thank you and it brought tears to her eyes that there were so many caring people out there.

Jay and Maggie

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