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i've been looking too dave, can only find one site from america called mother plucking' bird toys and they costs over $100 so some savings required.

once again, northern parrots have let us down here in the uk by not selling EVERYTHING lol

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Like you two - I've looked too - I can't find one and only found the same site as Tigerlily - and the shipping is ridiculous if you contact them to ship it over here.


I've just decided that if Harvey doesn't see one he doesn't know what he's missing - so I'm keeping him away from here for the time being!!!! ;)

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I can't help you Mother pluckers is the only site that makes them I bought mine in Canada because it was cheaper to buy in online here than to pay American prices.but that won't help you I still spent 170. dollars better than 200.for me Why don't you try making one out of coduit hoseing and pvc fittings and sisle rope or hulla hoops and sisle rope cover the hulla hoops with rope or vet wrap and secure all joins with rope or pvc fittings its not hard you can pick up hulla hoops for a 1.00 at the dollar store you will need 4 of them.<br><br>Post edited by: Tycos_mom, at: 2009/07/09 22:57

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copy of an email i sent to northern parrots:




i am a great fan of your products, infact buy ALL my parrot gear from yourselves.


i also use a grey forum online which has also been a valuable sorce of information for me. a thread that was started is the reason i'm writing to you.


it was asked if there were any suppliers of the parrot "atom" in the uk. i too have been looking and unfortunatly i can't seem to find one here in the uk, the only suppliers being "mother plucking' bird toys" from the u.s and cost a fortune!


i recently purchased the orbiter from yourselves knowing it was too small for what i wanted but a step in the right direction and was wondering if the "atom" would be something you would be able to supply as i'm sure there are others out there looking too.


many thanks


elaine webb


p.s congragulations on your expantion and move, just a shame you didn't move to bristol lol.





;) ;) ;) ;)



i'll let you know their answer;)

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What a good idea Tigerlily - I'll mail them too - if they see there is enough demand in the UK then they obvious will import - it'll be worth their while if a few of us say that we are interested. Perhaps our birdies will too have these amazing atoms (although I'm not entirely sure where I'd hang one!!) Jill xx ;)

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I purchased an orbiter for Sterling (U2) yesterday and while he hasn't shown much interets in it, Dixie sure has. Seems that it's just the right size for (almost twice her size actually) and she's climbed all over it several times, hanging upside down trying to reach across from one side to the other (literally impossible) and taking full delight in it. I'm waiting on the atom's I ordered to arrive. I will be putting them in the living room for Sterling and Dixie to have as additional perches when we're not in my office.



Robin, Paul, Dixie, Sterling, George & Gracie

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Tigerlily wrote:

yeah, we'll ambush them, anyone else wanna email them lol.


Thats the way to get things accomplished, if enough people ask then they will be more apt to get it for their customers. Heck I don't live in the UK but I will email them too and see if it helps.

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