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Newbie to the Forum....

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My name is Robert, I am the proud father of Taco and the husband of Lauren (Lauren333). I finally registered and I am certain this is going to be a new home. I have gotten some good info already, and I hope to one day be able to contribute.

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Hello Robert and welcome to our family, we are so glad you could join us and we look forward to hearing more about you and Taco.


So we have already heard some about Taco from Lauren so now we have both members looking after Taco's best interest and it is so nice to have both of you as members of this forum.


As you already know we have loads of useful information in our many threads so do read thru them and ask questions you may have and we will help you in any way we can.


Lauren may have already shared some pictures of Taco with us but if you want to share some too we would love to see them.

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