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The Checklist for my Parents!


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It's nearly that time for my holidays (Saturday) and Harvey leaves for his "Grandparronts" on Friday evening as we fly early Saturday morning. What do they need to know - food dos and don'ts, cleaning, emergency numbers.....etc etc. I have remembered more than this - but this list will go on.


Please add your snippets in case I have missed anything ~ I want his first time "holiday" to be hassle free!

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I think you have it all covered pretty much. Try not to worry too much and enjoy your holiday! Make sure you take your mobile fully charged and take the charger with you, that way, if you feel anxious you can check up on Harvey and advise your parents if need be, they will also be able to call you in case of emergency.


Where are you going, anywhere nice? At least it is reletively cheap to phone the UK from abroad these days. {Feel-good-000200BB}

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I know I'm panicking for nothing Jooles - mam and dad are really caring pet people (mam always says my dad will get chucked out before the dog!!). Nothing will happen to Harvey and since my mam is at home 24/7 he'll have more company than at home!


We've hired a villa in Spain so we're off there - can't wait - There's us four, my sister and brother in law and their two (4 and 1!!). We've got one of those Vodafone "passport" sim cards - loaded it with £20 and it's unlimited texts (for the kids) and 300 minutes worth of calls - great bargain.


To be honest, my mam and dad wouldn't need me in an emergency - I'm the one that needs them. When I had to have spiky put to sleep in January I made sure my mam was there with me at the vets (I'm so soft when it comes to animals!!). Thanx again Julie, Jill xx

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