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Homemade Ladder

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I was feeling crafty the other day, which isn't a very common thing lol. And decided to make Partner a ladder, which he may or may not enjoy lol.


It only cost me maybe 15 bucks to make the entire thing. it is about 10 feet in length and it is a foot wide.




I still have to add the quick links onto it and tie the knots. But all in all I think it came out well and I hope he will learn to like it!




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Haha, maybe he could, I was hoping that the bright colored vetrap would convince him or at least "trick" him into thinking it was something different. I still want to add some stuff to it to make it more appealing. Now the problem is trying to find where to hang it :blink:

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caitb2007 - I actually have pictures of all the materials and how I made it if you or anyone else would be interested I will post "step-by-step" instructions.


It is made using PVC piping, Sisal Rope to string them together and to wrap around the pvc pipe. The colorful things at the end is actually VetRap. Found it at Farm and Fleet for around $2.08 per roll. It is in the horse section. Lots of different colors as well.

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Partner hates it, so I figure if he doesn't get used to it, I'm sure some bird would love it, and some owner would want to buy it.


I will load all the pictures a little later, and I will do some step by step as best as possible to help you guys. Granted, it is very simple, there are just a few things that are the hardest things.

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