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chewing purch and tv


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Hi everyone,


Going through a bit of a new phase with Gizmo over the last few days.


He's started climbing to the outside of his cage then chewing his perch from the outside. If I left him, eventually his perch wont be able to fit on either side of the cage (which basically means it will fall). Then he starts biting the TV when i push the cage close to the wall so he cant get his perch.


Also he's stopped eating his Harrisons and will only eat his seeds/nuts? e'll have the odd one of two pellets from Harrisons but he used to empty his bowl.


I've give him a cuttlebone now and he seems happy enough eating this. Any ideas why the sudden chewing and anything which may deter this?? Gizmo's just turned one.

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Chewing is what parrots do. Don't try to stop him You need to give him more things to chew. Best is fruit wood like wood from apple trees or nut trees.

Even wood from old pine boxes but do not give wood that has preservative in it as this my be toxic. Greys are social eaters. Although Misty always has food available he prefers to share meals with me. This is good because it means I have to eat more fruit and vegetables and no fatty or salty foods that would be bad for Misty.

If I want to encourage Misty to try new veggies or fruit I eat some in front of him. If he sees me eat it then he wants some as well Remember though never give parrots chocolate:evil: or avocado pears:evil: as these are toxic to them:evil:


Steve n Misty

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My grey is 11 month's old and loves to chew on wood. Does Gizmo have any wooden toys? Please tell us more about Gizmo. How old is he and how long have you had your companion? Without more information on Gizmo and your relationship it is hard to make any suggestions. We have a Welcome/Introduction Room you should visit. I don't think we have had a chance to properly welcome you to the forum.

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Does he have blocks of wood to chew on you can go to any lumber yard and buy untreated pine or spruce and drill holes and cut it into blocks and string the blocks on some rope that way if he likes to chew wood he will have lots to chew You can also buy the abc wooden childrens block a package of 12 for a dollar at the dollar store my birds love them as foot toys and they spend hours chewing them up.

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