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A "Sun"ny days first bath...


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The other day I was preparing veggies for all our fids. I had the water running in the sink as I rinsed them off. Starburst was sitting on my arm watching me and Spock and Salsa were sitting on the Atom waiting patiently for a bite. Starburst must have thought the water looked good because a second later, he crawled down my arm and sat under the running water. {Feel-good-0002006E}He was really enjoying himself and a moment later, Skittles flew down to join him. They were so wet that we had to dry them with a towel. After that, they curled up under Jay's shirt and took a nap. (aawww!:P :laugh: too cute!)

Maggie and Jay


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They are adorable, of course I am partial to suns because I have one, sometimes Sunny will come down from my shoulder when I am doing something in the sink but the only time she ever got in the water was when I was washing up some dishes and she plopped in, good thing the water wasn't hot but she was partially buoyed by the suds, I rinsed her off and she stayed put on my shoulder after that.


Thanks for sharing that picture with us.

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Judy I would have love to have seen Sunny all covered with bubbles it had to be to cute:laugh: Conures sure do love taking a bath don't they I know my 2 would be in there every chance they got. Its so much fun to watch them splashing around getting themselves soak and everything else in a 10 ft radius:laugh: I miss watching them my daughter Tuesday took them when she moved my Green cheek was very attached to her and my Fiery Shouldered conure was very attached to my Green cheeked Conure and visa versa so I didn't have the heart to slit them up

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Thank you to all{Feel-good-000200A1} I know I would be very sad too if the babies were moved somewhere else. It is amazing to see how much Spock and the two suns get along so well. Spock is very protective of them. They are holding their weight at about 100grams and are being fed twice a day (formula) along with their veggies, fruit, pellets and seed. After 3ccs they start to give us trouble and we are lucky if we get 9ccs down them a meal-time. We have a system because Spock, Salsa and the two suns all eat at the same time. Skittles loves to sit on Spock's back and Spock will tolerate her for a few minutes before squawking. :woohoo:


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