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Bird in a dive shop


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Hey all!

My apartment does pest control inside once every other month. A friend of mine offered to care for my bird on those days so that I could get Kasuku out of the house. I already checked with my vet and he said that having him out of the house for a few hours should be plenty. My question is, she owns a dive shop and would be taking my grey to work with her on those days. She is also a bird owner and used to breed, so I know she will not do anything that day that would harm Kasuku, such as work on equipment or use chemicals, but she was concerned with the sound of the air compressor when they fill scuba tanks, as it can get extremely loud. Kasuku wouldn't be in the same room as the machine, but it is still a very loud sound. Also, when people bring their tanks in and open them to empty the air, that also creates a very loud sound. Would this be a safe environment for my baby? I am concerned because I don't really have any other options on where to take him on those days.

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I work at Verizon. There is no way they would let me take the bird to a corporate store. The big shots show up unexpectedly so there would never be a safe time for him to be there. I couldn't have her take him to her house because I would be dropping him off during her business hours. Plus, she has a brid of her own who was rescued and has a lot of behavioral issues that I A) don't want my bird to pick up on, and B) having Kasuku there would cause her bird to act out from jealousy. I will probably just have to find somewhere else to take him. That's the problem with living in a new area where you don't know people though. :-(

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