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A Poem for Luvparrots


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Luvparrots luvparrots thats our Janet

To beat her in the games room we just cannot

Name 5 things or keep your name on top

Our janet our janet shes done the lot

AnaGrey shes just a baby

But will grow up to a special lady

Solomon the electus he is ten

Sorts out the boys from the men

Lily the dog now shes a pug

A dog among birds it must be luv :)

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Thank you Daveyj. I luv it!!!! So I will return the favor!!!!


Davyj's our poet on the GreyForum

He writes us verse and we adore them

Alfie's his small grey little fid

Whom Daveyj treats better than a kid

Through Pontefract, West Yorks, Daveyj spreads his wisdom

He's a poet laureate of the United Kingdom.


By Ramblings of an Incompetent - JC

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