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Then that explains it, I wondered how you could have the four of them loose outside without them flying away but it is done in such a way as you do not notice it from the pictures except that third one, it is bigger than the others. Thats where I would spend a lot of time too if I had that nice back porch.;) B)

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Talon, It is just regular screening, But they are never out there without me, So they dont get a chance to chew it. I didnt do it for an aviary, We did it for us, haha, And they just come out there with us when we go out. I would LOVE to have my whole backyard screened in with some kind of screening to make it a giant aviary. But thats pretty much outtta the question, Lol, So the screened in back porch will do for now ;)


I would say for you though if you want them out there unsupervised you would have to use some kind of chicken wire or something, I dunno...

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Awe, Thank you so much Tycos_Mom, That is really sweet :) I try my best for all my animals...I feel so bad for all the ones mistreated in the world, And I think of it as my part in helping animals have wonderful pampered lives :) So your compliment really means a lot, Thanks...You are such a great Parront too ;) Everyone here seems to be so good to their parrots and other animals and it is so nice to share stories with other animals lovers like me! YOU ALL ARE GREAT! :silly:

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