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Koko flies down and up.


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As usual, this morning Koko followed my wife going upstairs. I went to shower (downstairs) a few minutes later. I could hear Koko chattering happily upstairs. In the middle of my shower, I heard Koko was chattering downstairs and then within a minute she was up again.


When I came out from my shower, I asked my wife what happened. My wife said Koko flew down looking for me. As Papa was nowhere to be seen, she made a flight up again to be with Momma. WOW! This is the 1st time Koko made a 2-way flight.



This incident happens a moment ago. (8:25pm)

Koko was preening on her perch (downstairs). My wife (upstairs)came out from shower and was whistling. Koko heard her whistle and flew up looking for her. She perched on the wall fan. After drying her hair, my wife asked Koko to step down. Koko refused and my wife turned the room light off. Then Koko flew all the way down.

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Very cute story. It's hard to keep track of the flock when the split up to different areas on a her like that. :-)


Thanks for sharing this story of Koko and flying back and forth bewteen the dispersed flock.

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