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Just a few questions


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hi everyone, I just have a few questions for y'all, I've asked my Cousin hes the one weaning for me, but I want to get other peoples opinions,

1. What is normal weight? is there even a norm?

2. When on average do the babies start to perch my baby 6 weeks old clings to my fingers and holds on tight! But it's kind of unbalanced still makes me nervous!!

3. I want to leave the cage upstairs in my what soon will be "bird room" and have play stands swings and things through-out the rest of the house is that ok? or should I really try to figure out a spot for a cage down stairs as well??

4. last but not least how old when they start trying to fly?? I feel like I am in such rush for all this the baby is'nt coming until late August but I'm kinda bird crazy. LoL


ooh and I think we have settled on a name kind of unisex I think, those tests haven't been done yet but

*drum roll* Akima it means autumn in Japanese


Thanks for reading!!! Bonnie :blink:

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1. is your baby a Congo or Timneh average weight depends on you birds build a Condo can weigh anywhere from 375gr to 650gr some have small bone structure some have large bone structure it just depend on the size of the bird you have. 1 of my birds weighs 430 grs the other weighs 580 grams you can see the difference in the size in my signature picture.

2.They usually start to perch around 8 weeks old

3. they usually start to fly around 10or11 weeks old

4.The cage is fine upstairs as long as you have a play area for him in the main place where everyone spends the most time. you can have a portable stand to take with you to other rooms as well. he should have a fairly large place to hang out and play with lots of things to play with in the main area. family room or living room where ever the family hangs out the most.

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Awww I think Akima is a great name for your baby. Are you going to DNA him/her anyways?


Like Pat said their weight ranges from around 400 to around 550 grams, it all depends on their bone structure. All babies learn at a different pace also, the average age to learn how to perch is 7-9 weeks old. The average age to learn how to fly is 10-12 weeks old. And the average age to wean is 14-18 weeks old. Also I would keep the cage in a room where people are always around.


Don't be in such a rush for your baby to grow up though, they are only babies once and once they are all grown up you are going to want him to be little again, LOL! :laugh: I know you are soo excited to bring him/her home, I know the feeling I waited forever too but it was so worth the wait. Thats great that you get to visit your baby a lot.


Good luck Bonnie :P<br><br>Post edited by: caitb2007, at: 2009/06/29 16:21

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Thank you so much for your thoughts!! Akima omg LoL is a Congo and my cousin has to list of daily weights I'll look this week when go to see the baby, to see where the weight is now, I know I should't rush it but this seems like forever!!! Heres the newest pics from Friday I got to sit and cuddle on the couch with him/her before his evening meal.. and theres also 3 little red feathers poking out!! 100_1087.jpg



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Your baby is just adorable I just weaned my baby not long ago I got my baby when she was 5 weeks old and hand fed and weaned her myself. Talk about a little sweetheart. Its so good you get to spend lots of time with your baby that way when s/he does come home s/he will know you and won't have to much of an adjustment period. Your gonna just be on cloud nine having a special little companion. I just love my companions I would not know what to do with out them.

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oh and we are going to DNA I would like to know, forgot to put that in my last post. And I love the fact that 1 my cousin is the one hand feeding for me and 2 he only lives about 20 min away It's much easier than a breeder I think because i'm shy around strangers and probably wouldn't ask as many thousand questions!!

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