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I am new here

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Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and sure could use help getting around. I have a 2 yo TAG that I got as a young bird and this week I got a 2 1/2yo CAG. She had been living in a cage that was obviously to small and her tail feathers are a bit ragged. she is very unsure of what to do with this new huge cage of hers.

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If you post some of the particulars concerning situations or problems, we can help. So far you have 2 birds who are approximately the same age. One is very used to your house and has developed certain attitudes and habits. He may be the boss. The other one is a new bird in your house and is still unsure and possibly confused about things but also has it's own ways of thinking. Most of the time this has to do with the short amount of time he/she has lived there. That type of bird usually gets used to things from the inside out. He needs to get comfortable with his new surroundings, new people, new situations, daily routines and habits thaty are going on. All of this takes time and a bird should be given all the time it needs to adjust. Concerning the cage----as long as the cage has a medium bar spacing he'll definitely learn about a bigger space. Having a large macaw cage isn't a good idea. Those cages are huge. Introduce some hanging pieces of wood in the cage so he can chew. Add another toy soon after and let him investigate. Remember that CAGs take much longer to accept things. In the beginning he may be extra quiet and a bit moody. Let the birds see each other. Give each one it's own space. Each bird should be given the ability to walk away and retreat to the safety of it's own cage when they want to. You'll need to be more specific as far as what else you wanna know about.<br><br>Post edited by: Dave007, at: 2009/06/28 03:18

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