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Make a dying man's wish come true...


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Hi guys


I have a special request. Jason Napier is a 23 year old New Zealander who is facing life threatening surgery. He has an abnormality in the blood vessels in his brain, which could blow at any time. Very soon he is to undergo surgery which could leave him blind, paralyzed, or could kill him.


His wish is to become famous. A site has been set up on FaceBook, for people to join and help make his wish come true. Jason has been interviewed on many national tv programmes, and has even featured on our national news.


Please, if you could go to the site below and join up, send a friend request to Jason, you are helping a dying man's wish come true. Feel free to get as many family members and friends to join up too!




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You guys rock!


Jason had his operation 3 days ago, and he's made an amazing recovery. He's up and about. He was on national news last night, and the nurses were wondering why he was still in hospital, he's doing so well.


Thank you for this <3

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