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One Year On!


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Second post in one day omg! ( lol )


just like to thank EVERYONE here on our great forum, The information that my wife and i have gained has made Dusty life so much richer. Hes in his aviator harness and soon once hes alittle more happier with it, will get him out and around with my wife. I also if things go well, would like to take Dusty out when i go dog walking ( but this is along way off).I had read that some parrot will only bond with one person. Dusty on the other hand doesnt seem to understand that(or just hasnt read the same forum posts). Dusty follows both of us likes to keep an eye on us making sure we dont get into any trouble, also likes to keep us busy so we dont get bored. So i would just like to again thank everyone and keep up the good work as the posts you write do have a bearing on small parrots like Dusty. Thanks for making him the bird he is :)

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Aww thats wonderful that Dusty is doing so well. But we aren't that ones who made Dusty the bird he is today, you and your wife are the ones who made Dusty the bird he is! You should be proud of yourselves for being such great parronts. You were the ones who took the time to come on here and learn more about him so you can give him the best life possible, so thank you for being such a kind and loving parront. ;)<br><br>Post edited by: caitb2007, at: 2009/06/26 15:42

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Jaguar, congratulations to you and your wife for the great work you both have done with Dusty. You implemented the info and made Dusty the wonderful fid he is today. We would love to see Dusty so pictures please!!! There is also a thread for pictures of grey owners. We would love to see what you and your wife look like! Can't wait to hear more about Dusty!!!

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