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Well I'll Be Damned . . . .


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At just 4 1/2 months old Zel has started to speak! Well, sort of. When I have the radio on she starts to whistle, chirp, and talk but sounding like she has marbles in her mouth.


I've so far have only distinguished one word and she's actually gotten pretty good at it and it happens to be the word I say the most to her: HELLO!


The other popular phrases I say is GOOD MORNING! and PRETTY BIRD! I don't know if that's what else she's trying to say but it's obvious that it's words she's working on and not just sounds.


I'll try to get some video of her saying hello.

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I'm jealous! Harvey is six months old now and hasn't uttered a word! He whistles all the time, clucks away, mimics a squeaky door and the microwave - but alas, not a word! It's great your babies are talking - I'll just have to persevere! As I've said before - Harvey's first words won't be "hello" or "good morning" - they're more likely to be "Harvey - no!!".

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