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Yellow color to urin part of feces


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I have recently started to use white paper in my baby girls cage.I just took notice a couple of days ago to a yellowish tinge to the urine part of her droppings. I know this is usually clear... Is it o.k? She is still on two feedings & getting ready to wean to one... Could it be the formula? No change in diet; Eats well too. She dose sneeze now and again... Thanks;:silly: concerned mom

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Using white paper will always make everything that's fluid look darker. No urine is as clear as water. It looks clear on other bedding but on white paper it'll look darker, slightly cream colored and more mixed in with the urates that the urine surrounds. As your bird lessens it's formula feedings, the droppings all get darker, urine and urates and more solid.

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