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if you know about IRNs please help


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I have a Male Indian Ring Neck he's 15 months old he doesn't even have his rings yet but they are starting to show a little. I thought that Ring necks didn't become sexually mature until they reached 2 yrs old. Mine is showing definite signs of being extremely hormonal this morning he was sitting with me quite nicely and then I noticed he was looking in the mirror at himself and regurgitating and dancing and I said to him what are you doing silly bird. well he turned and bit me on the cheek(face) he didn't draw blood but it was definitely a hard bite it hurt. I guess he didn't like me interrupting him while he was courting himself. I've notice he's doing other sexual thing also like making time with his toys. I didn't expect this so soon or am I wrong when I say that they aren't sexually mature til they are 2 yrs old?<br><br>Post edited by: Tycos_mom, at: 2009/06/30 09:53

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It must be something in the air. There have been several threads lately about this very thing. The rescued Cockatoo I had was acting all sexual and she was only 2 yrs old and supposedly this is young for a Cockatoo to begin.


Don't feel bad about the bite. If he thought his reflection was another bird he might have been trying to protect you with a bite to cause you to take flight. Or like you said he might have been so wound up in his courting dance his hormones were just pumping. I would cover that mirror until he settles down.

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