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A short update on Jeepers


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Since I took Jeepers cage away 2 days ago he has gotten better I must say (I think) I put his cage back to where it was before I moved him in with the rest of the flock. Last night he decided to get down off his play stand and wander a bit. So I let him for about 1/2 an hour but it was getting to be bedtime so I stepped him up without any problems he jumped right on and went straight for my shoulder. Instead of him sleeping on his playstand I moved him to the top of his cage where I thought he would get a better nights sleep because its quiet there. He stepped down onto his cage and I went to bed. This morning when I got up I went to see him and move him back to his playstand and again he stepped up right away and up to my shoulder he went. I let him hang out there while I made myself a cuppa and he was happily preening my hair and rubbing his face on me. But then when I went to get him off my shoulder he refused to step down. I actually had to take my sweater off in order for him to get off me and onto his stand. So now I have a new problem he's doing better without his cage but the first place he heads is to my shoulder when he steps up and if he won't come down I'm can't allow him to go up there but I don't know how to stop him. he's a pretty big bird and I really don't want to get bit so now I don't know what to do with him any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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Pat this is a hard habit to break and once you allow them to go on the shoulder it is going to be very difficult to stop but you will just have to cut him off from going to your shoulder. Take your hand and stop him, you might get bitten but ball your hand up into a fist and keep doing it, you may hve to do it a thousand times but that is the only way I can see except for this.


Try setting something up on your shoulder he doesn't like, maybe a stuffed animal, something he won't want to go on your shoulder because of. I do allow Josey on my shoulder but she comes down when I ask but if the day ever comes that I can't allow it then I will have the same problem but that is how it will have to be done. No simple solution and you may get bit but better your hand than your face.

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Well after yesterday mornings episode things have gotten allot better. I guess he just didn't understand that when I said step down it meant to get off me. so after having to take my sweater off with him hanging on to it he got the message that when I say step down its a very good Idea that he do it. Anyway ever since then he has done it perfectly. I also wanted to say that this taking his cage away was the best thing I could have done he actually is coming to see me when he wants to and he can see his old cage from where he is but he never goes back to it. I really wish I had of done this along long time ago. Mabie he would have gotten over being so cage territorial allot sooner. I do use his cage as a sleep cage, but first thing this morning I went in ans uncovered his he came out and I said step up and he did and then I took him to his playstand and said step down and he stepped right down onto his playstand he just seems so much happier and content now I feel bad that he had to endure another 8 months of being in a cage after comeing here oh well thats all in the past and the future looks very happy and bright for my sweet boy.:laugh:


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