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Car alarm has gone haywire


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My car alarm suddenly went off this morning. Then it was switched off and turned on again. The central locking was turned on and off too. I thought the car alarm system had gone haywire. It took us awhile to realize Koko was playing with the remote.:laugh:

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LOL, that is so funny cheeky koko. You must have been wondering what the hell.


It's like us when we go in the car and have the GPS on and it does this series of beeps everytime a speed camera is coming up. At first we thought the GPS was playing up as there were no speed cameras in the area but the beeping was going and then we realised it was Kea making the noise. The thing is she only makes it in the car and never when we are at home.

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:laugh: hahaha OMG that same thing happened to me and my boyfriend!! Ecko was playing with his car keys and we didn't know it, so when he heard the car go off he ran outside thinking the neighbor kids threw a toy at his precious car, and as soon as he was out the door I saw Ecko had the keys and I started cracking up lol! :laugh:

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