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Ecko chatting


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I love all those sounds they make when their happy and just singing away. He certainly has a plethora of them and many seem very similar to mine and other Greys at that age. Just wait, the list gets longer!!


Thanks for posting this. :-)


Karma to you!!

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Aww, bless him Caitlin:kiss:


He sounds so sweet and quiet compared to my monsters lol.


When my eldest Charlie talks he really throws his voice and shouts, probably trying to be heard in my chaotic household.


We also have quite a distinct accent as well (Yorkshire, you will have to see if you can hear one)he really makes me laugh.


Thanks for sharing Ecko with us he is so cute:)

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You really think it sounds like that Hannah? Hmm I'm going have to listen again, I didn't notice that. But yea I play peek-a-boo with him all the time and I say it to him in a really high voice LOL! And I also say "Look at you, your all wet" when I give him a bath. haha you never know what that little stinker is trying to say, its sounds like I hear his name all the time.


LOL Caroline, it does seem like he is a quiet grey, he only gets really chatty for about 30 mins a day and thats it. He makes the kissy sound and microwave beep a lot throughout the day and for some reason he didn't do any of those sounds in the video. lol :P

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Yes I do love it Pat! I get so excited when he starts to get chatty like that, I turn everything off to listen. :laugh:


There is a garbage truck that comes to my neighborhood twice a week so I'm sure thats where Ecko got the beep beep beep noise lol.

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