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An Emma favourite!!


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I purchased this toy 6 months ago and for that whole time it was pretty much ignored. In the last 2 weeks it has become her favourite toy and she spends 45 minutes or more with it each day. She strongly recommends it to all of her african grey relatives!!!!!!!!!!{Feel-good-00020114}


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I saw that exact same toy today at our bird fair and I passed it up, darn, I knew I should have got one for Josey, oh well I got her a lot of new toys and a playstand made out of crape myrtle branches, now I just have to wait for her to get used to it so she can enjoy it.

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Emma is certainly having fun trying to get those pieces out of that box. She would really appreciate it though, if you would please let her concentrate when she is at work. :P


Thanks for posting the video and the GreYt suggestion for toys that will keep our Greys entertained.


Karma to you.

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