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Storytime - Huey


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I'll need to add GreycieMae more often but Huey is such a clown I have to add a story about him.   Both Huey and GreycieMae workout with Daddy.  Most of the time we all pile into the spare bedroom where I have my bike setup on a trainer and we blast the music.  Greycie LOVES loud tunes,  she hops onto my back and gets all goosey while I pedal and do whatever workout I'm doing that day.   Lately, the wife has been watching some fart pranks on youtube while we all relax in bed in the evenings just before lights out.   Some of them are hilarious and we laugh and laugh.  Huey has obviously taken notes.    So today, my workout has been ab rollers and off-bike stuff out the back door into the aviary where they hang out during the day.   I started doing them there because the birds get a real kick out of watching me.   I started doing them and on the back stroke I let out a RAWWWWRRRRR just like Huey always does.  He taught me this.   But today on about the fourth rep, he rips a a long fart noise and giggles.    I know he's been watching our fart pranks on TV after that little episode.   What a prankster.

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That's funny! Yes, they do seem to love to "prank." When I got Timber I had four cats. Timber can meow in three in 3 distinct "voices" once of which sounds like a cat caught in a bear trap. Early on, I caught on, he would make that pitiful "help me" meow (when I wasn't near him of course.) I'd come running, calling for the cats to see who was in distress. They would usually be sitting in the window looking at me like "what's the crazy woman's problem now." Took me a few times to catch on. Timber would be sitting there doing something entirely harmless, not making eye contact. I'm slow, but eventually I catch on...

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Haha they do have such a good sense of humour! Alfie always amazes me with his good timing too. He knows exactly when he should mimic a laugh in a conversation, for example. It's equal parts adorable and hilarious every time.

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