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Korra is getting brave! +question and deal

Devin Corso

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I am very happy to say that Korra (my African grey) seems to be getting more brave and inquisitive as she gets older. Just yesterday she got her stand "upgraded." Korra flew away twice, but the 3rd time she said "ooo!" and "ok." And she stepped up onto the perch! Her bravery was rewarded with a Cheeto which she happily took and tossed it off like a sassy bird and watched the dog go for it. (Does anyone know why won't she take food from me? She was a hand-fed baby).


She did her bird yoga and preened. She also seems to fly off less at me for security and attention. :)

This is the perch she used to have:



And this is her new perch! I'm washing the screw on bowl just in case it has any germs in it. The orange circle is her new toy that has two marbles rolling in it.



If anyone lives in or near Arizona there is a bird store called The Arizona Bird store which has really cheap perches. The toys and food are a bit expensive but I got Korra's new stand for $100 and put wheels on it; online they are $150-$360 or more. I'm just hoping that I can save someone around here some money!

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Sounds perfectly normal. I got a new chair to use at my computer that has a small back on it. I previously used a crappy wood bench. It took GreycieMae 9 days to finally get over the fact that the back support part of the chair is not crawling up my back to kill her. The other birds don't even notice it...but oh no...not my CAG, she has to be a drama queen about it all.

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Oh how pretty she is!! And a little smartie too. As for why she won't eat from your hand, it may be that the bites are too big. So she would have to take it in her beak, then balance on one foot while holding the treat with her other foot and she may not feel steady/secure enough. Try giving her teeny tidbits that she can take from you and eat with both feet firmly planted. And let her see you eating it and enjoying the heck out of it before offering her the teensie bite. Keep practicing. :)


I still hand feed HRH Inara her breakfast each morning with me. She loves sitting on my shoulder and taking bites of food from my fingertips, then she will wait -- look at me intently until I take a bite for myself, and then we go back and forth like that until breakfast is finished. It really keeps our bond strong and it is fun for both of us. If I am unable to keep our morning date, she will sit on Joe's arm, and eat from the breakfast plate, but she will take any number of treats from his fingertips. So it's just a matter of time and trial and error with which Korra will like and which she may not.


OH and just when you think you've hit on what her favorites are and what her untouchables are.... on a whim, she may change them. Such is the Way of the Grey :D :D

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Actually, most like boiled eggs and they are fine for them. As to the meat, Timber loves it. I do avoid giving him the processed meat like from the deli or packaged. It is heavy on salt and the nitrates aren't good for them. But when I cook a roast or other meat at home I give it to him and it's usually a hit. On that same note, he likes boiled or baked chicken wings. He will strip the marrow out of the bone (little cannibal ;)


As to vegetables, just keep experimenting and offering them. You have to be inventive. Timber won't eat raw veggies in a bowl, but he will eat some (particularly green peas) when I hang them on a skewer in his cage. Same with broccoli and carrot. He will at least nibble when it is on the skewer. Cooked sweet potato is often one they will try. Try offering it on a spoon (that's the way Timber likes it). For some reason anything I hand feed him is much more acceptable than anything I put in the bowl. If none of that works, try sneaking veggies in via birdie bread or chop. There are stickies on both those I think. Don't just try one either. Sometimes they will start eating something they initially rejected.

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