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merlin meets his mamma


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hey all i'm back and head over heels!


had a wonderful weekend and spent a day with my friend miss bon, merlin's foster mamma.


we party-crashed a seminar with barbara heidenreich and got an eyeful of fabulous birdies shamelessly working over the humans. only spent about an hour, and we did offer to make a donation but they said no that wasn't necessary. i still will though. they were very kind and welcoming to us.


after which we went to the nearby thrift store and found some teething toys and such to make cheap toys for the birds.


so mr merlin seemed to like his mamma and he hit all sorts of milestones this weekend that we didn't expect! he was very interested in me and took treats from my hand (didn't like having 2 hands in the cage though) and gave me a little snapper when i gave him strawberry instead of grape. silly human! everyone knows grapes are far superior. but then after i left the room i peeked around the corner and saw him eating up the rejected strawberry bits.


he tried several times to climb out of the cage which was very encouraging. he finally made it yesterday and was proud as punch to be found on the top of his cage like all the rest.


we had a long talk about feather plucking and about being brave and strong. ha ha ha ha ha silly human! but it made me feel better to tell him the things i wanted him to accomplish.


he had a few sounds he would regularly make but was overheard having a "conversation" with his little pal miss maggie. sunday morning i sang them all the "good morning" song from "singin' in the rain" while we served them breakfast:


"good morning, good morning!

we danced the whole nite through

good morning, good morning to you"


they all thought that was pretty good so we'll see how long it takes merlin to learn it if at all.


i was very proud that bon's other birdies (a male and a female eclectus) were very welcoming to this greenhorn. they allowed me to hold them, which bon tells me is very rare, and each took a little taste to see if i was a flincher. which i was not, point to sandra.


so my fine young fellow is blossoming and thanks to bon's wonderful fostering, mr merlin is well on his way to being happy happy birdy.


he should come home in late october and big daddy and i are looking forward to his arrival. i got a couple good snaps and will upload them later today. and oh brother i saw the little carrier that he'd lived in before he was surrendered. it was so small i wouldn't have put one of my cats in there! it was big enough for maybe a bunny or a ferret. gee whiz no wonder he plucked his feathers! but he is a determined & resilient little soul and has perked up so nicely.


photos tonite! thanks for reading my long ramble. if you've made it to this point, you too are a determined soul.

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