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Do Greys Blush?


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Our Dayo blushes. The area around his eyes, and nostrils actually turn pink. It seems to happen when I am talking to him. After a few minutes, I'll notice a pink flush to his face.


Does anyone else have a Grey that blushes? Maybe you could share what your doing when this happens, how long it lasts, and how frequent it is. Is It all the time? Only when you interact with your Grey????


Lets hear about your Blushing Grey!



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Okay, maybe Buddi is blushing? Both today and yesterday I think MayBE she was jealouos bcuz I was kissing on Charlie, and then went to her. Do you think she was mad ...she did nip me. Same thing last night. I thought she was sick, but she could be blushiing. We have been doing some real good bonding lately to get her to stop plucking, so maybe she is getting upset and flushing? joanne

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