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Hello all


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Ok so I have been lurking in the background for several months now and decided to go ahead and join. I don't currently have a grey but have wanted one for several years and hope to in the near future. Right now I'm expecting some major life changes so I don't believe it to be the right time just yet.



Ok about me. My name is JD and I live in southwest Missouri USA. I'm 29 and single (trying to change that lol). I have been working with breeding and training animals pretty much since before I could walk. I've had pretty much all the normal animals ie dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, bunnies, etc. I've also had or worked with many different types of exotics ie reptiles, big cats, skunks, racoons, primates etc. So I do know a bit about what it takes to keep exotics as well as have a working knowledge of training of various species as well. I hope this knowledge will translate over when I do get my grey. In the meantime I am doing as much research as I can. I am always open to suggestions and would appreciate any and all help given to me here. Likewise if there is any way I can be of assistance to anyone here please don't be afraid to ask.


Thanks for your time. JD

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Hello and welcome to the family, BadKarma, glad you could finally take the plunge and join us, we look forward to hearing more about you.


You are doing the right thing in researching before actually purchasing your grey, that shows us you really do want to do it the smart way.


You will find we have a lot of good information already here in the various topics and threads, you just need to read thru them and they will contain a lot of the info you are looking for. But if you have any specific questions you would like to ask, feel free to ask, we will try our best to get you an answer and help you in any way we can.

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Hello BadKarma and welcome to the group. I wish you all the best and look forward in hearing that you obtained a grey, it's fantastic to read that people like you take the time and do lots of research. Hats off to you, God knows how many birds are purchased then a year or two down the road people can't or don't look after them and then the neglect begins. Look forward to reading your posts.



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BadKarma is something they used to call me when I worked at the tattoo parlor. I had a real good string of bad luck, and one day someone said man that's bad karma. It just kinda stuck. I will someday have it tattooed down my spine. I also like the fact that you all give out karma here. It makes for a nice play on words. Thanks all for the warm welcome. JD

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