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Having had the bird for such a short time, a person or persons shouldn't make permanent judgments yet. The bird is a baby and he's about to start a life with people in a new home

New bird owners should share in the handling and basic chores with the grey in whatever way you can. That prevents the grey from forming a specific attachment to any one person. That's something people want to avoid especially in the future.

In my house to this day my wife and I share all things concerning changing and giving and cleaning food dishes, cleaning out the cages, giving treats, having them on our hands and arms, walking around with them, letting them out of the cage, putting them back in the cage, both of us saying 'good night' at night. Each of my greys has it's own special way of saying 'good night'. 1 will speak it--1 will squeek it---1 will make a kissing sound. Each has a special way they kiss me and another way for my wife. We do this every night together. In other words Gene ( wife) and I are equal in every way to them. There are no favorites. This process is important because as they get older, they will bite the person who has had nothing to do with rearing the grey. It doesn't have to be as extensive as I described but both of the owners should be involved in different things. My greys like me in certain ways and different ways for my wife. One particular bird likes me to scratch it's head but not my wife. The same bird likes his back petted and neck scratched but not by me.


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thanx mrspock will keep all that in mind hopefully with patience and perseverance he will come around to my way of thinking as he spend more time with me than my partner someone has to work to keep my birds in the manner they have become accustomed to lol better go get my secret weapon a tiny bit of peanut butter on toast and he will do anything so we usually share breakfast before he gets stroppy with me

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