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you should get a gram scale and weigh him regularly because greys hide illness well their weight is the best way to monitor their health. it looks like you have a congo grey anything between the high 300's and 500g is a good weight depending on whether you have a petite or "hefty" grey.


the fruit and veg is good, and i'm presuming that mix is what's known as a "complete" mis like harrisons or zupreme. if so this should be avaliable all day to him, he will munch and nibble on it through out the day that is normal. he's not pigging out, don't worry :)


greys are intelligent enough to know when they're hungry and when they're not. hence they wouldn't eat if they didn't want to.

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Wow, 300 kg would be one big bird! :P Just to clarify, we are talking about grams, not kilograms! The healthy weight for an individual can vary a lot, just like in people. In general, CAGs will range from 350g to 500g.


Weighing once a day, at the same time for few weeks is a good idea to get an average. I weigh Kip at least once/week, sometimes more often. She was 350g when we got her. She is now up to 375g. She is on the smaller side for a CAG but very healthy and happy! Try to weigh them at the same time each day. Morning after the big bomb (as Judy likes to say!) is a good time...;)

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Your bird should have food available to him most times that he will eat. Greys very rarely become overweight. What we do is feed breakfast and dinner. I measure the food and over trial and error have found how much will consistently give me leftovers at supper (indicating I am feeding too much). Generally they eat their "breakfast" throughout the day but they are hungry for dinner when it comes their way. As long as your bird is eating the fresh food and not refusing it it is up to you if you give him just the fresh food for a meal or if you mix it with something else. Generally I always mix mine.

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