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Whose Grey gets carsick?


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I was just wondering if anybody else's Grey gets carsick.

Riley loves to ride in the car, but after 30 minutes of so, he starts regurgitating. He soes not seem worse for wear. Seems perfectly healthy. My Vet has checked has checked him. In fact, He goes twice a year to an Avian Vet for his checkups.

So I guess Riley just can not tolerate long car rides.




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Guest briansmum

brians vet's is about an hour away so thats the longest, well 2 hours there and back. he was fine, i think he got a bit impatient in the travel cage though.

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Can your grey see out the window? If not, maybe that's why he gets car sick.


Also, I've read that if you feed your bird a little ginger root before a car ride, it will help settle their stomach...er...crop :silly:. This site ( http://www.birdsnways.com/wisdom/ww14e.htm ) says:


GINGER—Called the "wonder drug", the ginger root is actually a rhizome which is similar to several foods known to be consumed in the wild by parrots. It has been used for two thousand years by the Chinese to treat nausea and upset stomach. It is no coincidence that the Japanese serve fresh ginger slices with sushi as insurance against the parasites sometimes found in raw fish. Ginger is a wonderful remedy to use with baby parrots that go through brief periods of colic or throwing up their formula. I mix their formula in ginger tea instead of water and the problem is solved immediately. You can make the tea by steeping two or three slices of fresh ginger root in the water for ten or fifteen minutes. If your parrot must travel and is prone to motion sickness, ginger to the rescue! Add fresh ginger to the food and drinking water several hours before the trip and put a few slices in the carrier. Parrots seem to have an innate sense of what they need and will munch on the ginger to "quell their queasiness" during the trip.

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lovemyGreys wrote:

Mine are not travel sick but hate being in their travel cages.


same here. there is nothing more annoying the traveling in a car with an impatient grey in a carrier. man they drive me nuts sometimes.. :laugh:

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