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i get to meet my birdy this weekend


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hello all it's me again.

great news, i get to meet my birdy this weekend. needless to say i am quite excited.


originally we decided to rename him "boris" but after some thought decided on "merlin". looking at pictures of greys they seem to look as if they can see the past the present and the future, thus "merlin". plus i think the "s" sound is too harsh and sounds like hissing so i try to avoid the "s" sound in my pets' names.


he's being fostered by my dear friend who has 3 other birdies of her own (a grey, an eclectus and something else) so merlin is learning how to be a happy bird in a good home.


doesn't like the hand at all but will now take treats from the hand. is vocalizing a bit and has stopped feather plucking. he has come a long way but still has a ways to go. won't come out of the cage, but does love to play with his toys. the other birdies are very interested in him and he is accepting their overtures.


i went to the exotic bird store nearby (i am acquainted with the owner) and got a big eyeful of all the loot available as well as a peek at their birds. merlin will be a bigger boy than i thought!


got my copy of "for the love of greys" and am working my way through it. boy i've got a lot to learn but am having lots of fun doing so.


so wish me luck on my first meeting with mr merlin! i don't expect him to take to me at all but i'll be happy if he doesn't squawk at me. maybe he'll take a little morsel from me? we'll see. i will render a full report (and photos) upon my return.


have a great day. fingers crossed



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