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Hi everyone, please excuse me, I'm new here . . .


I just recently bought a beautiful baby African Grey and I'm currently doing my best to adjust my lifestyle to meet his needs. He's caged in my living room and when I need to clean the table or windows (typical household stuff), I usually use Method brand household cleaners because they're supposed to be safe for the environment, kids, and animals, etc.


Are they ok to use in the same room as my African Grey? My living room and dining room are fairly large and I won't spray the stuff anywhere near his cage. I just want to make sure if it's ok to use the stuff if it's from a safe distance away from his cage. Like if I were to clean the windows all the way on the opposite side of where his cage lies in the living room or if I were to clean the dining room (which is all the way on the opposite side of where he is in the living room but connected to the kitchen).


Thanks if anyone can help. I just hate to toss away some good cleaners that are still nearly full without making sure if they're safe for my baby. I'm trying to be very cautious about anything that has some type of chemical and emits some type of fragrance.

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I never really changed my cleaners I use. I do however use them at half of what I did before birds and I no longer use anything that is in a spray can.

I use a pump and never spray it in the air.

Distance does not matter if it smells strong then water it down till it don't. Its the fumes that get the birds not how far away it is.

When you clean your windows use a pump cleaner and don't spray the windows but spray the cloth you are using or better yet make up some in a bucket but don't spray into the air.

At least that is what I do.

Sorry don't know anything about the product you are using but same should still apply use as little as possible.

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Tari has given you great advice to follow, with everything air on the side of caution when using cleaning products.I personally would not use such things as air freshners etc around him.If a product smells strong to you, then just imagine how strong it would be to your grey, if you are unsure then i would discard it.

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If I need to spray something, I open all the windows and put Makena in another room with the door shut. Like right now, I need to mop the floors. I just use a little bit of simple green in a bucket and since my fiance is home today, I am just sending the 2 of them upstairs to watch a movie!

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