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Baby Grey Development


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Hello, my fellow bird lovers!


I am graduating in just a couple short months with my Bachelor's in Early Childhood Development. During one of my research projects I came across a study on object permanence that used Congo Greys as development comparison subjects. I attached the article at the bottom of the post.


Anywho, since I will be bringing home a very young CAG in just a couple months, I was wondering what information was out there about the development process CAGs go through. Assuming very loving interactive care, w hen should you expect their first word? When are certain foods appropriate? How about concept games? Anything anyone can offer me would be appreciated.


In Christ,


Hannah Rae

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Hello Hannah_Rae

A baby CAG will begin talking a few words by the time it is fully weaned, such as hello. The more time you invest and create a bond with the bird the better the bird will be. At the age of one the bird will be talking up a storm providing you are spending time with it. The more you repeat the word or phrase the faster the bird will repeat it. Be careful what you say. You will see your bird trying to say a word then in a few days out it will come. After the age of two you won't be able to shut him/her up, CAG are NOT suitable for apartment living as they will make loud noises and whisles and cat calls will be one of the first that he/she will do.

As far as food goes they will eat preaty much the same food as you will, and probably you will be eating more healthier since they require fresh fruit & vegetables daily. They will even eat chicken, I know that just does not sound right but they enjoy it. You can check out the site under bird food for other ideas. Also look into safe wood and plants for around the house, Avacodos, chocolate, alchol, apple seeds and other fruit pits are posionous for the birds.

Have a great week.



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fourtrap wrote:

Hello Hannah_Rae

A baby CAG will begin talking a few words by the time it is fully weaned, such as hello.




Benny Greys wean at different ages & development varies greatly in them, as in humans they are all individuals & as such will develop at different rates.

As with any grey there is never any guarantees they will learn to talk.Of course the majority do learn speech & the age varies greatly, some do talk very young but i would say they are the exception.Generally speaking many have spoke their first word before reaching the age of one.


As for food here is a link that shows the range of food that are members feed.



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One of the every day staples my Congo and Timneh have to eat is Edamame, or soy beans in their pod. They have had them every day for about 8 years. I get the bags that are Frozen and boil them once a week. The bags says to boil them 5-6 minutes but i think that's too long. I boil 3.5 minutes and while they are cooling they are still cooking. I'm not sure what age they can begin this, certainly after weening! Then the fruits and veggies can be changed around from week to week. These birds like change, and not so much change. I'll change from red grapes 1 week to green the next. From green apple to red apple or both. There are numerous books out there too! There is a lot to learn about these magnificent birds! When you do introduce toys how to go about it. ie let it sit out in sight of the birds before introducing it into the cage etc.

Also learn about what might happen when there are 2 of you raising it (them).

Have a great time!


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