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Hi everyone I'm new as of yesterday. My Congo and Timneh usually have the dining room to live in as it is very central to my house. It is open to the living room and the Congo can see me in the kitchen as well as bath. The Timneh is against a wall so she cannot see me in the Kitchen but in the bath.

I have a house guest that keeps wild hours so I moved the kids to the middle bedroom which I use as an office. I did this in Dec. when my guest was visiting as well. It seems they like it in there, only 1 door, windows and much smaller and less "in the mix" of the houshold, (i'm the only human here).

My question is do you think they would be as happy and adjusted if they lived in the bedroom instead of the dining room? They would only see me when I went to my bedroom or bath unless I make a trip to their room. they can hear me almost anywhere as i have a smallish house. What do you think?

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Your Parrots would be happiest where you and guests are the most.


Being isolated in a bedroom would not be the ideal situation for these intelligent, social and attention seeking Parrots.


When you say you moved the "Kids", do you mean the Parrots? I ask, due to your stating you are the only Human there.


At any rate, they will be happiest where you are visible the most.

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