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Should I rescue this tiel or not?


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I have this problem. Out on the farm where I work is a tiel that is plucking.

She is two years old and she started this in the spring of this year.

I don't want to buy the bird and I can't afford to take it to the vet but the lady I work for has given me permission to bring the bird home and see if I can help it with home remedies.

I'm not really fond of tiels and this one is not tame. It is in a cage with five other tiels and no one is sick nor is anyone else plucking so I think it started cause of breeding season and now it is irritated and itchy. I think with lots of baths and aloe Vera it may get better.

Should I at least try and then try to find a forever home or leave it there?

I may be able to talk her into letting me have it but I am still paying for the last visit to the vet and my husband would have a fit if I charged another bird that I'm not even going to keep and would never get the money back on.

Or I could leave her there and get some aloe and spray here five days a week.<br><br>Post edited by: Tari, at: 2007/09/14 23:00

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Well could not find any aloe on this side of town so I ordered it. I well get a before picture of this tiel this morning.

Oh and Ill get a before of the new aviary. It is suppose to be done in about two weeks all that is there now is a slab.

We are so excited about this.

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