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Important Video on Handfeeding


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This video was created by Kaytee, and has a lot of good information on the proper way to handfeed, as well as weight gain, what their poop should look like, sanitation, etc. I found it very useful, and hope some of you out there might also...


Just scroll to the bottom of the page...



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I would not encourage anyone to hand fed with the help of this video. You need to be trained by someone that has been doing it a long long time.

Training should be done with many lessons. Id say no less then at least five and be able to have contact with that person at all times for the first couple years.

Way to many things can go wrong. I really hate seeing this here or anywhere on the net. It encourages people to do something they should not do.

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I agree with you Tari, unexperienced people shouldn't hand feed birds. We were taught by our breeder how to hand feed several times only to find out we were doing it wrong (formula too watery) :(!! We also were told that he only needed formula once a day and that he would be weaned in about a week. We got him June 24th... and he is still getting 3 feedings/day!! We had to learn quick, and without the help of the video and this forum we were a little lost. We were basically talked into a unweaned bird by the breeder... and being first time grey parents we didn't know any better. He told us it was easy!!


Luckily we became pros fast and are very careful. As long as there are going to be breeders out there who are selling premature birds, there are going to be people who need this information...


But let me tell ya, if I had to do it all over again there is no way I would have gotten an unweaned bird... I do NOT recommend it!!

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