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just introducing myself :)

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Hello all :)


Well I just got my first grey about a week ago. She is a 5 year old timneh name tiki. She is a total sweet heart, and I have already fallen inlove :) I have two other feather babies a pionis named roxy and a sun conure named sundae.


Both small birds were rescues I got 3 years ago... they made me realize the bird lover that I am today. For 2 years I have researched greys and waited for a rescue to come my way... until finally I just ventured out and found tiki to adopt. I just felt ready to have a grey :)

I had expected to find a grey that was just wanting to keep to itself and want attention but not to be cuddled as many greys are.... but tiki is sooo cuddly... she will give you a kiss every 2 minutes! She is such a cuddlebug. She was this way with her previous owner so I feel her behavior won't change... even if it does I couldn't help but love her anyway.

I feel so lucky :)

I am glad to have found this community! I cheated and posted before my intro and wow is everyone so helpful!! I am glad I have this board to look upon for help! Thanks!!!

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Hello and welcome to the family of grey owners, Serenity, glad you could introduce yourself and tell us more about you.


You won't find a more helpful bunch of people than you will find here and any of us is willing to help you in any way we can.


You do have other birds so you have experience and the grey sounds like a real sweetheart, you do have a rare gem that likes cuddling, because most don't after maturing.


Please post a photo if you have one we would love to see Tiki, and your other birds as well.:P

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