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Can you change their name?


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Ok I have told you about the little girl I will be getting. She was born on 5/10. They call her Heart but I wrote to the breeder and she hasn't answered back yet but I don't know if she knows her name already or if that is just a name the breeder gave to her to identify her. Can I change the name being she is still very young? Thanks guys and gals! The breeder just wrote me back and she said this "I call her Heart because she was my favorite. I told my husband she was a piece o' my heart. But she will learn a new name, she is still very young." That is sweet! Now I don't know what to do lol

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Guest Monique

I agree no problem changing their names. Our first grey we wanted an african name so we looked at African names along with the names of countries, cities, etc. Her name was Kinsasha. Since then we've found our birds to be so much of the family that we have better liked to give them regular names. Our birds today are named Jack, Nevaeh, and Elmo. (Kinsasha lived for over 10 years but is no longer with us - she was one in a million!)

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Sunny--- Vergil ---Paco---- Floyd--- Skye ---- Poncho--- Taz --- Sparky --- Ozzie--- Buffy --- Roxy---Joey --Maxi ----Dusty ----Sammy---- Gumby ---- Cisco ----Paddy -----Romeo--- Buster---- Sunshine---- Scooter---- Moonshine ----Sugar---- Sweetie ---- Tazzy------ Petey---- Juan ----- Tiger -----Tweets ----Keiko---Cody---- Okie -----Rexxy----- Chipper -----Minnie ----- Bart----- Ricki ----Kiwi ----- Sunny -----Reba ----Tino----- Buddy---- Angel ------Yuska -------Zelda ----Tookie -----Harley ------ Buster -----Zoey -----Jax----- Ricky------ Princie ---- Mokie-----Coco -----Penny----- Molly ------ Peaches -----Candy -----Ozzy------ Bandit --

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