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Peanut butter?


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Does anyone give their grey peanut butter? I read somewhere else about someone's grey having multi-grain bread with peanut butter spread on it. Sounds like an easy treat I can make with stuff I have on hand, but I'm not sure about the peanut butter. I'm not even sure what I'm afraid of. That he'll choke on it? That it'll get stuck in his beak & drive him nuts?


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I give Talon peanut butter on toast every morning for breakfast. (we share it) It has protein in it and fat. Just don't overdue it because of the fat. I have found if I spread it too thick, she has problems, so now I spread it thinner, and she loves it.:)

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Go easy on the peanut butter, has a lot of fat that they don't need.


On a funny note, have you ever given some peanut butter to a dog and watch them try to get it out of their mouth, they will contort their tongue all around trying to get that stuff out.:laugh:

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