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Tari - ? for you


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Good Morning!

Tari - I was wondering if you got any more information about that breeder in Pearl, MS?

Hubby doesn't have to work Saturday & we were thinking about getting out & looking at a breeder somewhere. I think I've narrowed it to either around your area or a breeder outside Little Rock (I'm certain someone here recommended him).


I got a packet in the mail from the breeder in Pearl but honestly it didn't give me a ton of info on her personally as a breeder. It did include a "check list" of questions to ask when purchasing a grey. I thought that would be helpful.



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You know I had to go back & figure out which email was hers. :side: I have emailed sooo many breeders it is all starting to run together!! LOL

She has deposits on the 2 babies but said she had eggs that should hatch in about 2 weeks (and this was a week ago).

I guess we could drive down there & at least check out her facility, etc.

I do appreciate your helping me out! :)

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She is great. She has a big place but only a few birds so they can get all kinds of special attention.

She spoils them all rotten. hehe

But if your like me you don't want to wait maybe you should check that place that is closer to you first?

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