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My african grey was on the bottom of his cage and took the permmy sharpie that was in the fan out and he ended up taking off the cap and licked it. I got it from him right away but i'm scared if it's going to hurt him?!


I'm going to see if he'll take some water to get the taste out and give him something to eat.

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If he only took a lick, it should be okay. I would wet a small washcloth, and get him to chew on it several times, so that the ink will come off his tongue and mouth as much as you can. (I do this with Talon if she gets a hold of a pen) You'll be surprised how much you can get. I would also encourage him to drink, water,juice whatever you can. It will help to water the effects down.

He should be fine as long as he didn't get too much. Just watch him for any signs of lack of appetite, or behavior changes, if you see any take him to the vet asap!

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He took a licking but he is still kicking, its funny but I don't think it will do him any harm, just keep an eye on him for the next few days. You could put a call into a vet's office and ask about it, they might know if you need to be concerned. Better keep those markers out of his reach from now on.:P

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