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arkansas bird rescue?


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Guest briansmum

you could try an online buy and sell site aswell there a loads of stupid people trying to offload greys on sites like those, it would be nice if those poor greys ended up with loving homes.

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I realize that I am a little late to help with this post, but for those that have found it for searching for a bird rescue in Arkansas - We are in the process RIGHT NOW of opening up a bird rescue (for parrots, etc) in North Central Arkansas. I have been on the internet for months attempting to find one in this state, and all the links and phone numbers that I could find are either dead links or out of service numbers. Please check us out at www.myfinefriendsrescue.com. Since everything is under construction today.... we do not have birds for adoption yet, but hope to have everything running real soon. Also, if you have any words of advise, I would love to hear them. lhodges31@yahoo.com

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