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A basic internal bird Anatomy


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Toni asked on another thread what a crop was, So i thought it may be helpful to us all if we had a quick reference to our birds internal anatomy,& what job each organ does.






Brian- Self explanatory ,As we know greys are very intelligent creatures.



Trachea- The trachea is a long tube that runs from the bird's throat to its lungs,which enables fresh air to travel for the bird to breathe.


Spinal Column- birds have a spinal column that runs the length of their bodies,it encases the spinal cord. The spinal cord is part of the central nervous system and acts like a messenger. When birds decide that they wants to move, the spinal cord relays the message from the brain to the muscles that correspond to the desired body part, causing movement.


Esophagus- An esophagus is a narrow tube that transports the food the bird eats from the mouth to the crop. It will stay stored in the crop until it is digested


Crop- The crop is composed of layers of muscle tissue. It holds & softens the food until it's ready to be passed on to the gizzard.


Gizzard- The gizzard is made of tough muscle tissue which contains roughage.This is used to grind the bird's food into a pulp, it then passes into the bird's intestine.


Intestines- A bird's intestines work to digest the food that comes in from the gizzard. It absorbs the nutrients that the bird needs to function. After the food is digested, the waste is pushed into the rectum.


Lung- lungs diffuse air throughout the bird's bloodstream. They have small air sacs that allow the air to flow through the lung in only one direction, ensuring a constant supply of fresh oxygen.


Kidney- filter out any waste to be expelled from the bird .


Heart- A bird's heart is divided into four chambers and pumps oxygen-rich blood throughout the body.


Liver- A bird's liver acts like a large filter, and discareds the bird of any toxins in its body.


Ureter- The ureter is a tube that goes from the kidney to the cloaca. It allows liquid waste to be expelled from the bird's body.



Rectum: The rectum is where waste is expelled from the bird's body. Known as poop ;)


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