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i want to know what is wrong with my grey female .she has been paired up with a wild caught male since last three day she has been sitting on he perch holding one of she foot clenched she does it with both of her feet.and sometimes i can see he feathers vibrating she is not fluffed up.the mate has been feeding her but i have not seen them mate.she also goes to her box but does not stay in it the whole night. there are no eggs.any suggections

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Guest briansmum

hey zohair welcome, introduce yourself in the welcome room. the behaviour you describe sounds normal, greys do usuall sit with one foot up. not sure about the vibrating feathers when shes not fluffy though. i can't offer too much advice as i have no experience with paired greys. maybe she's just nervous. if he has been feeding her though and there hasn't been any fighting, i would think everything is ok. i'm sure someone else can help mre

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I have read somewhere in one of my many grey books that I have that they often vibrate their tummy feathers it is completley normal and it isnt to do with nervousness or anything.


My grey does it when he sits on my hand in the evening and he stretches one leg and wing then the other then he balls up one of his feet and his tummy quivers he then grinds his beak and shuts his eyes.


Hope this helps nooeyxx

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You are right, Nooey, the chest feathers do quiver and that is normal as is the holding up one foot clenched. That is how they rest their feet, one at a time.


I don't know what else you are asking, Zohair, so give us a little more information, or ask a specific question.


And please do introduce yourself in the welcome room, let us know a little more about you and your greys, and post a picture if you have one.:)

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Welome Zohair,


You say they have only been together 3 days?


Did they ever know each previously?


They may never mate at all if they do not BOTH accept each other as their lifetime Mate.


It's to have you on this Forum and again Welcome!!


Please introduce yourself in the Welcome room as others have also mentioned. That way the other Forum members will be aware of you and welcome you also. :-)

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hi Zohair,

There is never any guarantees by putting 2 birds together that they will bond & eventually mate. They need to adjust to their surroundings ,establish a relationship etc..3 days is no where enough time for this to happen, you need to be patient as this will take time.

If the male is feeding her & she is visiting the nest box, this sounds encouraging but please do not expect to much from them as it is very early days.

What age are you birds ?:)

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