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Very nice photo Mark and Connie!


I wish everyone would post more photos of their Greys. They are such a magnificent Parrot. :-)


Looking at their tail feather tips, I see they are solid red completely to the tips.


Dayo's is shaded the last inch or so and thus is not uniform bright red as yours. Is this due to him being a 17 week old baby or is that a common variation?

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That is right, Dan, the young greys have the shaded tails with some grey in it and it is not until maturity that the tail turns bright red all the way. And that really shows up in Connie's photo.


Thanks Connie, for sharing a beautiful picture of your grey, it is a good one, shows off that bright red tail.

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Guest briansmum

great photos mark and connie! those birds are really into those preens. connie i love how red the tail looks outside :woohoo:

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