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Its looking like we are going to have to let or new member of the family go, we are both so sad about it but he has triggered my asthma in a big way. We did think about this before we went ahead in purchasing a parrot even visiting people we knew with parrots to see if there was a problem. I had a parrot when I was young without any problem and my asthma has been virtually gone for years.


I have started this thread to try to stress to any people out there to think again around buying an African Grey or even a bird if you have ever suffered from asthma. I would hate anyone else to have to go through what me and my partner are going through now. We have both got so attached to Earl and love him to bits, he has more toys than my kids had :-) its on my mind all day at work now and the sooner we find him a home the better.


If any one has any suggestions or have found this same problem, it maybe interesting to here from you. We have considered an air filter unit but to be honest we would be kidding ourselves. It wouldn’t be fair on Earl now to continue, I’m just hoping we can find a really good local home for him so we can maybe keep in touch.

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I am so sorry to hear this, Readz, and I know this is an agonizing decision you must make, but please try the air filtration system first to see if that will help alleviate the problem. I hate to see you have to give your grey up, I know I would do anything to try and keep mine if I were in your situation.


We do have a thread that deals with air cleaners and such, please check it out first before you commit to giving the bird up. This would break my heart and I feel for you right now, but try this first and let us know what you do decide to do.

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Readz, my heart breaks for you. My son has asthma, and we have purchased air cleaners from JWR Air Systems. PLEASE read his information on birds, allergies, and asthma. Call the phone number 1-800-939-2473 and talk with Jeff the owner about your asthma. He and his wife both suffer from asthma, and they are medication free with many birds in their home. I purchased his air cleaners for my house over 8 months ago, and my son's daily asthma medication has been cut in 1/2, and that's with 2 cats, and a grey. They ren't cheap, but in the long run, they pay for themselves. you can also visit their website. PLEASE investigate this avenue BEFORE you decide to let your bird go. it's worth the effort. Good luck to you. If you would like to discuss my experiencewith these cleaners and company, please pm me.

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I have asthma too. Here are some suggestions so you can keep your bird.

Daily mist. Keep your drapes clean. Don't keep the bird in your bedroom.

Mist the paper before you change it so dust don't fly. Keep the area around the cage moped or vacuumed everyday.

Get one of those living air filters it makes all the dust float down and not float all over the house.(they are like 800 dollors but I have had mine for like 9 years works great but the one Talon suggest sounds good too.)

And see your doctor and get a prescription for one of these great nose sprays. My Dad swears by them. Flonase I think is what he has not sure on that one.

And air out the house any chance you get.

If none of that works and you still want a parrot once you have him placed in a nice forever home look into an Ecletus they have no feather dust at all.<br><br>Post edited by: Tari, at: 2007/08/21 16:11

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Well guys, just to let you know I have today ordered 2 Airfree Platinum 125's bit costly but had a good chat to the technical guy there who was really helpful.


I will let you know how I go on, he told me I should feel the benefit in 3 weeks. Until then I will carryon using my inhalers continuously :-)


Thanks for all your replies and help, lets hope these things are as good as claimed by the manufactures.


Alan / Chris and Earl :-)

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Guest briansmum

great news to hear you're trying out some of the options first, i bet earl is very grateful. please keep us updated.


while you wait for the effects of the air purifiers to kick in try gently misting earl daily and be sure to get plenty of fresh air yourself :)

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