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My new baby grey MOJO xx


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Hello Everyone


Sorry I havent posted for a while things went a bit mad here and well to cut a long story short (for now anyway) as you all know I have visited several babies and I kept coming back to the nibbling one . . . . :whistle:

Well I decided well he decided I was the mum for him and well I went ahead and said that I would have him . . . . my partner then said that we wouldnt be able to go on holiday for a good while (and when we eventually do we are going to take him but it wont be for a long while yet) so we decided to go away on a quick holiday (very last minute) just down to Selsey (only bout 40ish miles from us but to the coast) so we did and then on the way home today we picked up MOJO he is 13 weeks and 1 day today :)


Got him home and out of his carrier he came and straight into my bowl of fruit for some strawberries, grapes and apple yummy yummy (he ate it all up) then we had a cuddle and a play and now he is tucked up in his brand new cage on a hoop ring (cotton) fast asleep after some preening chirping and beak grinding I am exhausted and so is he so early night for both of us and I will be back tomorrow to tell more


Love to you ALL and Thank You for everyones support with my recent misadventures etc but all seems to be well in our household now


Eric who we got him from said he is very bold and he was right head first into everything bit of a hooligan a loverbly one but a hooligan


love nooey and Mojo xx

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Guest briansmum

awww new babies are so lovely! you sound like you had a busy first day, keep us posted and you know the score, lots an lots of pictures. pleeeeaassee!

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