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a big thank you


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hello its mandi just want to thank you all for regards while i was in hospital yet again . i asked steve my hubby to keep you all posted about my progress etc. incase anyone seen me logged in but not talking like i use to b4 i went in. got to have plenty of bed rest for 3 to 4 weeks before i can get in wheelchair. and do normal things in life. thank you to judy and dan for talking with hubby through difficult times i know he couldnt have took much more of it. buddy being buddy not liking me too much nipped him on the top of his ear and wouldnt get in cage very well. im hoping to stay out of hospital for a long time now so no getting out of bed for me for a while. got pc at my bedside with buddy flying to a fro to me and playstand. dogs are on the bed either side of me so i cant move too well. buddy wants my attention so i best see what he wants bye for now love 2 all mandi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi Mandi, and I'm very glad you are finally home. Let's hope it's for good this time. I'm sure it will be a while until the excitement from Buddy and your dogs die down. Please keep us posted, and tell that hubby to get some rest too! Glad your back!!


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Hello Mandi!!


It's great to hear from you and know that you are now back at home with all your loved ones. :-)


Steve did great in keeping us updated on your progress and how things were going with all your animals and Grey.


We'll all be looking forward to hearing from you more now.

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Guest Monique

Hi Mandi. I missed the previous discussions of what happened but I am so glad you are feeling better and back on the site again.

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It is great to hear you are home now and back with Buddy and the dogs. They missed you so much and I know you missed them too, but isn't it great to come home and have them welcome you home.


Steve did an excellent job of keeping us informed and I think he handled Buddy and the dogs the best he could, he is a good man, Mandi, and you are lucky to have him.


Like I said before, you do exactly what your doctor says do, so you can get back on your feet, and we look forward to hearing more stories of the life and times of Buddy, your grey. Take care.


BTW, CD loves everyone here on the forum, especially the women, so enjoy.

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