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Older birds


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I was thinking about it today, and it seems that most people around on the board have relatively young birds ( 5 years and under). I know there are some exceptions - 10+ years, but I haven't heard much from people with these older birds. I grew up with a brown throated conure who was about 18 when he died. I started looking around about parrots - found this article which was interesting:



Wanted to poll everyone - what is the oldest parrot you've actually owned or encountered?



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frankieNYC i do agree with you, i think one of the reasons we tend to meet members with younger greys is that we have access to forums like this.People buy a young grey & search the Internet to find out information.Most i believe will join forums to share that joy.

I know there is many older greys out in the world,but their owners probably didnt have access to what we have.

It would be fascinating to know the ages of some of those greys :)

The oldest grey i know is owned by my friend & he is 28 years old.

The oldest bird i have come across was a Macaw called Noddy, he needed rehoming as his owner had sadly passed away, noddy is 47 years old.

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I have an amazon that is wild caught he is around 27 years old.

My green quaker Dandy is at least 14 years old. Both of those are rescues so the ages are guesses according to what little info I have. My amazon Joey we know if wild caught and I beleive they stopped importing in 1991 or 1992. But the lady I got him from said he was about 18 maybe 20 years old when I got him so Im going with the younger age. I have had him almost 9 years. Funny I got most my birds within the same year. lol

My TAG Que is 8 years old.

And then there is Topaz (blue Quaker)she is just a baby she is 3 months old. lol

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